Erik J. Meyer-Curley (erik_j_meyer) wrote in esotericmasons,
Erik J. Meyer-Curley



Be an active member,
The kind that would be missed:
Don't be just contented
That your name is on the list.
Do attend the meetings
And mingle with the crowd:
Don't stay at home
And crab both long and loud.
Do take an active part
To help the lodge along.
And take time out to visit
A member who is sick.
Don't leave the work for just a few
And gripe about the clique
There is quite a program scheduled
That means success if done,
And it can be accomplished
With the help of everyone.
So Attend the meetings regularly
And help with hand and heart,
Be an active member
And take an active part.
Think this over, Member
Are we Right or are we Wrong?
Be an Active Member
Don't just belong
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Hello Erik. I could not agree more. Last night at the ceremony given by the Iranian Lodge, by volunteering to be Tyler for a sick brother, I had the opportunity to be introduced to the Grand Master of Iran, and received thanks from a brother of the California Grand Council. You pitch in where and when you can, bring aboard new brethren, and help the E.As and Fellowcrafts learn their studies. It is more fun to get involved rather than sit on the sidelines

Be well & be wealthy
Good poem Brother Meyer! That would be perfect for EA's, FC's and newly raised Master Masons. My favorite part of Masonry is the study and practice nights we have every Wednesday night at Killeen Lodge #1125 A.F.& A.M, Killeen, TX. I enjoy studying with and the building of Masons. It's epecially rewarding when the same ones show up every night, even after they have been raised, and continue to contribute in every way. My fear is the Blue Lodge declining so much that it becomes an afterthought, even to veteran Master Masons. The only way to deter this is to become and stay involved to show new Brother Masons what this is all about!
This is wonderful! I had not seen this when you first posted it. Did you write it? If not, what is the source? If if is yours, may I publish it in my lodge's next trestleboard? I would happily give you credit.