Erik J. Meyer-Curley (erik_j_meyer) wrote in esotericmasons,
Erik J. Meyer-Curley

passing of a Brother

"forwarded from many sources

very sad news. M.W. Fred Bauer passed away
Brethren It is with sadness that I pass along the new that MW Bro Bauer passed on to the Celestial Lodge this afternoon while fighting a lengthy battle with cancer.
At this time I have heard that a wake will be next Thursday with a Masonic Service performed by North Reading Lodge. This information is as heard from the Master of North Reading Lodge"

There is a write up on walter_hunt's blog.

I recall Br Fred as one of the 'cool older guys'. You know, one of the guys in Lodge that did not tell the younger guys that that is not how things were done in his time. He encouraged innovation that could be shown to be fun and helpful to the Craft. He was very personable and made any Brother feel welcome in his presence. I had a hang-up about Grand Lodge officer types being a tad intimidating. He was the one that made the point that they were still Brothers, just like the rest of us. He is the guy that got me appointed to the MAC committee in charge of merchandise. I plan to be at his wake and Masonic service if at all possible. I am going to miss him.
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