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Traditional Observance Lodge

crossposted to argamon

Last week I was at the meeting for Hyde Park Council. The meeting was short and we had the Grand Secretary of MA as the speaker for the night. A lot of the talk focused on how we sell Masonry to cheaply here. That I am sure we can hash over in some thread somewhere.

The fun part for this group came after the meeting at the collation.

I was approached by one of the Brethren who works at Grand Lodge. He asked me if I had heard of the idea of a Traditional Observance Lodge. When I told him I had he continued with pointing out that he was getting one approved for MA. We then talekd about it some more. Given that he gets to wear a purple apron at Grand Lodge I am guessing the application from his group is fast-tracked. I pointed out that I knew others that have similar interests.

So, if someone else was getting a charter for a traditional observance Lodge in MA would folks here still be interested?
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