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Traditional Observance Lodge

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Last week I was at the meeting for Hyde Park Council. The meeting was short and we had the Grand Secretary of MA as the speaker for the night. A lot of the talk focused on how we sell Masonry to cheaply here. That I am sure we can hash over in some thread somewhere.

The fun part for this group came after the meeting at the collation.

I was approached by one of the Brethren who works at Grand Lodge. He asked me if I had heard of the idea of a Traditional Observance Lodge. When I told him I had he continued with pointing out that he was getting one approved for MA. We then talekd about it some more. Given that he gets to wear a purple apron at Grand Lodge I am guessing the application from his group is fast-tracked. I pointed out that I knew others that have similar interests.

So, if someone else was getting a charter for a traditional observance Lodge in MA would folks here still be interested?
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March 14 2008, 18:54:28 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 14 2008, 18:57:36 UTC

Would have loved to have known about it beforehand so we could have worked together, and not at cross purposes.

This is why I wish the GM had simply emailed me back, because I find it highly unlikely that he didn't know about this.
Who is it?
1 - We do have a new GM now.

2 - it is Craig, the developement director. (campaign for Masonry)
I meant the one to whom I had written last fall.
I just emailed craig using the link from the GL webpage.

I just find the lack of public information to Lodges about this to be depressing.
Not being in MA I can't be much help directly except that I know two TO Lodges, and would be happy to help establish contact if that would help (not that I know either very well). Nevertheless, I strongly support the anti-McMasonry movement, especially in the form of Traditional Observance. Good luck, brother(s)!
Sure, more folks to corrospond with would be great!


May 20 2008, 21:30:46 UTC 8 years ago

we have just started a T.O. Lodge here in Bath, Ontario, Canada.
Happy to offer any advice or info if we can help!
Here is our website:
Hi, Bros.

I'm new here. From Maryland. I've just petitioned for affiliation with an Emulation Ritual Lodge. Is this the same as Traditional? I know it's unusual. It's quite a group. It's the GM's home lodge. Only about 10 years old, but good attendance and a good, enthusiastic group.

Steve Brettell,
Birmingham #188

To my understanding, no it is not.

Emulation is the style of the ritual of the Lodge. When, where and how a lesson is taught may be different from what you are used to in your Jurisdiction.

Traditional Observance is the style of the running of the Lodge. Attendance at a meeting is more regulated, fewer meetings a year with greater emphasis on the candidates and members proving proficiency in the lessons.

I could be completely off base tho. Hope this helps all the same.


July 12 2011, 06:50:09 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  July 12 2011, 06:50:31 UTC

And ... there's no news about this other than I heard a rumor someone thought it would be some hoity toity exclusive lodge like the Master's Lodge, and didn't realize it would be work.