Solar Eclipse, K.S.C. (soleklypse) wrote in esotericmasons,
Solar Eclipse, K.S.C.

Calling all New York Masons and Friends of Masons

The Corsairs Club will be hosting its first meeting of 6008 A:.L:. in the upstairs room at The Limerick House at 69 W 23rd St, next door the the Masonic Hall in New York City at 3 pm, Saturday, January 19. The club is open to all (regardless of jurisdiction, Masonic status, whatever). Only an interest in Freemasonry is expected. We have our own unique Festive Board ceremony, loosely based upon that of a Table Lodge, but significantly altered to make it our own. Starting this year, we will be incorporating an old Masonic dialog involving marine symbolism into the opening. So if you are interested in historical Masonic ritual, you won't want to miss that.

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