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Scottish Rite Reunion was this past week. I was able to stay for all of it and watched or participated in twenty-three of the twenty-nine degrees. Five of the six that I missed were communicated (meaning that they were briefly explained rather than dramatized) and one fell directly between two of the degrees wherein I played a part. I acted in the twenty-first, twenty-third, and thirty-first and was the communicator for the twenty-fifth and twenty-seventh. If you are a Scottish Rite Mason, that should make sense.

I'm currently Lt. Commander of the KCCH Club, and am one of the folks in charge of developing a mentoring program for the new candidates. Every new man has a KCCH assigned to him to make sure he is aware of meeting times and protocol. We are also including a very basic education program to get them started studying and learning about the Scottish Rite Degrees.

Things with my new job are interesting. In conjunction, I have a second interview with a company looking for a Japanese literate and fluent tour coordinator. If I don't get the job, they already want me as a guide and have asked me to go on a guide training tour of Southern Utah from the 30th to the 3rd. I don't get paid for going, but have all of my expenses met, so in essence, it is a paid vacation to learn how to take other people on vacation.

We have York Rite Grand Sessions in a couple of weeks. I have a new Commandery uniform being tailored, and will have more news after the sessions are over. There is a degree in SLC tomorrow that I've been asked to take part in, but after everything over the past few days and everything still on the docket, I'm considering taking a break.

I will also add, since I think it is overlooked a lot, if you are a Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite Mason, you need to read, at the very least, the chapters of Morals and Dogma for the 18th and 32nd Degrees. Both degrees mention that as a requirement of the conferral, so if you haven't already done that, you haven't fully received those degrees. Other jurisdictions may be similar, if you are using Pike ritual.
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